No Smoking

Smoking inside Shorts Bar & Grill is not allowed. This isn’t news unless you have just flown in from some other country but in July of 2003, smoking was banned statewide in all enclosed workplaces in New York, including all bars and restaurants and construction sites.

We are not immune to the fact that we grew up with drinking and smoking and know we have many smokers in our family and community. So we have built an entire enclosed, ventilated smoking area for our patrons who do smoke.


New Lights and Chairs

As if we weren’t fancy already.  Being the oldest drinking establishment around, every so often we might upgrade something in the bar.  Our patrons usually spot a new sign, or change of glasses, but this one is pretty big.  We got some new chairs for the bar and upgraded the light fixtures.

The chairs are still high, with a comfy back on them but clearly a move towards a more contemporary style, instead of the older western round peg versions. (and you thought we didn’t have style?)  It also helps us measure the level of inebriation of those sitting in them, as you can’t swivel to get out of them.

Light bulbs. REAL light bulbs, still incandescent, can see the filament, bulbs like mom used to make.

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